Wireless Firing System

MS12Q Series 12 Cue Wireless Firing System

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Are you looking to remotely detonate your fireworks? You can! Connect your fireworks with the Talon ignitor or an electric match.


  • Modulation Type: OOK, 433.92MHz
  • 12 Cues
  • Working Voltage: DC 9v to 20v
  • Power: Internal 6 x AA Batteries (Rechargeable or disposable)
  • External Power: Max 20v DC
  • Firing Current: >750mA, Maximum 10A for each cue.
  • Total current less than 30 Amps.
  • Test Current: <40mA
  • Size: 154mm x 108mm x 52mm
  • Working Temperature: from -10℃ to 50℃

Transmitter TCL2000-12LN
Firing Module RF12
Alligator Clip wires for eternal battery option.


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