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Jaw Dropper

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The Jaw Dropper fireworks assortment:

Multi-Shot Cakes
Psychedelic, Brocade Crown, Phantom Wars, Big Shot, Masterpiece, Splat!, Shotgun Wedding, Superfly, Molten Fury, Falling Leaves, Greedy Goblins, Monkey Business, Urban Warrior, Menace, Miners Victory, Fighting Spirit, Grape Soda, Heat Wave, Mind Bender, Big Bubba, Grand Finale, Bad Attitude, Frost Bite, Lunar Storm, Super Menace, Grave Digger, Light the Night, Shattered Dreams, Ring of Fire, Anger Management, Pharaohs Demise, Fish Tank, Bullseye
Sky Tracer, Prismatic, Dragons Breath
Pro Pyro Cakes
Lock Down, Royal Brocade, Snapshot, Hells Gate
Fanned Cakes
Scream Dream, Crazy Palms, Phantom Blast, Crackling Meteors, Party Gauge, Evil Enemy
Hellfire, Silver Fairy, Ghost Buster, 91 Shot Kaleidoscope, Rainbow Kaleidoscope, Recoil, Latin Beat, 25 Shot Barrage, 70 Shot Barrage, Jumping Jellybean, Mumbo Jumbo, Dynamo, Gangsta Blast, Shotgun Barrage, Mine Field
Component Barrages
Fear No Evil, Deep Purple
Rainbow Mine Whistles, Air Colour Bomb
Whistling Peony, Dream Catcher, Buzz Bomb, Spinning Bee, Radiant Sun, Bullet Train, Heaven's Gate, Dynamic Blast
Fortress, Chinook, UFO, Volcanic Eruption, Emperors Tattoo, Powder Keg, Star Shower, White Strobe, Canada Fountain, Whistling Rain
Noise Makers
Air Bombs (4 pack), Butterfly Thunder (4 pack)
100 Shot Saturn Missiles
Mini Floral Bombshells
Glitter Pack (3 pack)

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