Mystical Fireworks

“Ignite the fun!”

A classic line of fireworks and our largest! Taking advantage of all the latest pyro technologies. Make your celebrations memorable with Mystical Fireworks!

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Mystical's Pro Pyro Series

“Check your pulse!”

Not for the faint of heart! These fireworks are similar to what the professionals use! Fast, loud and all wow!

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Competition Fireworks

“Fireworks Evolved.”

The world of fireworks will never be the same again! Competition Fireworks created a paradigm shift in introducing consumer friendly informative medallions showing the Duration, Sound Level, and Firing Sequence of each firework. The night is about a performance and you are the star! Take the leap and open your mind as Competition Fireworks takes you to new heights!

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Big Value Fireworks

“It’s big… Texas big!”

Let’s face it: Size matters. You want big and you want value. Introducing Big Value Fireworks.

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Vulcan Fireworks

“Uniquely powerful and fun”

For years Vulcan Fireworks has been providing fun, fantastic and innovative fireworks with unique effects.

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True North Fireworks

“For the patriotic pyro”

Celebrating the tradition of our country with a touch of fun.

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